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Probation is a sentencing option that allows you to avoid jail or prison. There are two ways to get probation in Oklahoma.  You can receive a deferred sentence which basically means your sentence is deferred for a period of time.  If you are successful in completing the terms of your probation and stay out of trouble, your case is dismissed.  The second way to receive probation is being sentenced to a suspended sentence.  With this type of sentence, you are sentenced to a term of imprisonment but the imprisonment is suspended providing you complete the terms of your probation and stay out of trouble.  Both of these are probation sentences with the difference being the deferred sentence is dismissed at the end of probation so there is no conviction.

On probation, jail is avoided but you are required to follow specific rules and meet certain conditions. Depending on jurisdiction and whether your case is a felony or misdemeanor, conditions can include:

  • Meeting with a probation officer regularly
  • Community service
  • Abstaining from drugs or alcohol
  • Avoiding specific people and places
  • Paying probation fees as well as all fines and court costs

Your probation may include other requirements, and they can be pretty rigorous. You could be required to attend DUI school and a victim impact panel. You could also be required to undergo a drug and alcohol assessment. If you were convicted of a felony, you are not allowed to possess firearms.

The length of time you will be required to spend on probation is different for each case. Typically, probation will last from one year to as many as seven years.

DUI Probation Violations in Oklahoma

If you fail to meet one of the conditions of your probation, it is considered a probation violation. If the sentence was deferred, the State will file an Application to Accelerate Deferred Sentence.  If the sentence was suspended, the State will file a Motion To Revoke Suspended Sentence.  Generally, you will be required to post a new bond.

Probation violations carry different punishments depending on the type of violation and how serious it was. The consequences of violating probation can include fines, extending the time of your probation, and jail time for a portion or all of the sentence.

How to Fight Your DUI

There are many ways to fight your DUI charges and avoid jail time with probation or avoid being convicted altogether.

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