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Alcohol and drug treatment programs are often part of sentencing after a person has been convicted of a DUI in Oklahoma. In these cases, the state seeks to intervene on behalf of individuals who may have a substance abuse problem to reduce a recurrence of these types of offenses.

Fighting For Your Life

At the Hunsucker Legal Group, we take our role as client advocates seriously. We understand that not everyone who has been arrested for an Oklahoma drug or alcohol offense has an addiction issue, however we recognize that sometimes people need a little help to get back on track.

We work closely with our clients at every step of the way, fighting to ensure that we get the best possible outcome in every case. This individual approach means that we look at the totality of our clients’ circumstances. If we believe a client would benefit from drug or alcohol treatment and/or education, we recommend it. We help our clients find and enroll in the best program for their specific situation. 

What Happens in Treatment?

This treatment can be as simple as an alcohol assessment and two to12 hours of follow up classes all the way to inpatient treatment. This is the purpose of starting with an alcohol assessment to determine if there is an addiction or abuse situation and what steps are needed to address the issue.  We work very closely with several alcohol assessors whose only focus is helping the person taking the assessment.

The benefits are twofold. First and foremost, we help our client get healthy and back on his or her feet. Secondly, getting help before being ordered to do so by the court shows the judge and the prosecution that our client takes the charges seriously and is addressing any issues that caused the charges. Often, this can mitigate some of the potential consequences.

If you are facing a DUI or drug-related charge in Oklahoma, we are here to help. Contact Hunsucker Legal Group for immediate and confidential assistance with your case.

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