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A DUI charge can become a complicated matter if it involves an out of state driver. If you have been arrested for DUI while visiting Oklahoma, it is very important to speak with an Oklahoma attorney who is experienced in handling these types of cases.

What Will Happen to My License?

If you are charged with DUI in our state, the criminal and administrative cases against you will proceed regardless of whether you are an Oklahoma resident or not.

Typically, the arresting officer will confiscate your driver’s license at the time of the arrest; however, there are situations in which you may keep your physical license.

Whether or not your driving privileges are suspended or revoked in your home state will depend on that state’s specific laws and procedures regarding licensing.

It is important to speak with attorneys who are well versed in drivers license law and belong to national DUI bar associations like the National College for DUI Defense, as they will have contacts in every state to be able to determine what, if any, effects the Oklahoma arrest will have on your out of state license. It is entirely possible to not have any suspension in your home state. 

Not only are all of our attorneys members of the National College for DUI Defense (Mr. Hunsucker is a Regent of the College), we are the only firm in western Oklahoma that has a full-time attorney who handles nothing but license issues.  Attorney Brian Morton was recruited to our staff directly from the Department of Public Safety (DPS), where he was a top litigator and administrative hearing judge.

Will I Have to Attend Court?

Typically, your first court appearance will not be scheduled until several weeks after the date of your arrest. This means that if you were just visiting or passing through Oklahoma, you probably won’t be in town by the time the court date arrives.

This is when hiring an experienced Oklahoma-based attorney becomes critical. Even if you already have an attorney in your home state, he or she might not be licensed to practice in Oklahoma.

Depending on the court, we can attend your scheduled court appearances on your behalf without you being physically present. For example, if your charge is in Oklahoma City Municipal Court, we can handle all of the appearances without your presence. If your case is in Oklahoma County District Court, you must return for the arraignment, but we can pass many of the appearances after that without your attendance. However, you will need to return for the trial or entry of a negotiated plea.

Ignoring the Charge

The worst thing you can do in this situation is to go back to your home state and ignore the charges you are facing in Oklahoma. Doing so could result in a warrant for your arrest and/or additional charges being levied against you.

We will work with you in this critical time and ensure that you obtain the best possible resolution to your case with the least interruption to your life. 

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