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Community service is one potential punishment that can serve as an alternative to a conviction or part of a sentence for a DUI charge in Oklahoma. It is a way for the person to give back to their community. In Oklahoma County, the Community Service Program works with judges to organize these acts of community service.

Who Decides If Community Service Hours Are Required?

It is usually decided by the judge and can be recommended by the prosecutor. Community service can potentially help reduce jail time when it comes to sentencing. It is considered a more productive method of rehabilitation than jail time. Community service is often included to lessen the other components of the sentence.

Community service is better for the taxpayers than jail time. Jail time is expensive for the state, while community service is a way to directly benefit the community that was impacted. It is also often a much more positive experience for the offenders, as it gives them a chance to redeem themselves by volunteering their time to meaningful causes.

Is Community Service Possible for Me?

Being assigned community service is usually a much more preferable solution than a DUI conviction on your permanent record or returning to jail.

If you are concerned about being convicted of a DUI charge and attending community service, there are many proactive measures that you can be taking right now that can potentially help you get your DUI charge dismissed or reduced.

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