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Depending on the outcome of the DPS administrative license hearing, you may lose your license altogether, which may be “modified” to allow driving privileges. Depending on the outcome of your criminal case and/or the license case, you may have to undergo a DUI assessment to determine whether you have a drug or alcohol problem. Depending on the outcome of the assessment, you may have to complete a Victim Impact Panel and a minimum 10 hour DUI School as well as complete any other requirements the assessor feels is needed.

What can I expect at the DUI assessment?

The intent of the DUI assessment is not to punish you; rather, it is to help you identify risks in your life and help prevent another DUI arrest from occurring. During the evaluation, you will talk with a licensed addiction specialist who will ask you questions about your alcohol or drug use, your history with the substance, and its effect on your life and the lives of those around you.

After the initial interview, the evaluator will identify your particular needs and refer you to an appropriate treatment program.

What type of treatment will I have to undergo?

This all depends on what the evaluator determines based on your initial interview. Some people may require a lengthy in-patient program at a treatment facility while others may only require a few therapy sessions. Supplemental courses also may be beneficial, such as a risk-reduction program or DUI School. If the assessment is for the Department of Public Safety to reinstate your driving privileges, the minimum requirements will be a two-hour Victim Impact Panel (also called a VIP or MADD Panel) and a 10-hour ADSAC DUI School.

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