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When a person is arrested for Driving Under the Influence or DUI, they are taken to jail immediately upon arrest. For many people, getting a loved one out of jail is a daunting procedure that comes at a time when they are already upset. It is important to understand the process so that it seems more manageable if the situation arises.

Release Procedure

Oklahoma law mandates that bail must be set soon after arrest. Bail is an amount of money that the court requires the accused pay upon release to ensure that he or she attend court dates in their case. If the accused person attends when required, the bail will be returned.

In DUI cases, bail is not often an exorbitant amount and may be low enough that the person can pay for it out of pocket. Bail can be satisfied by posting a cash bond or by using a bondsman to post a bond for the accused. Until a bond is posted, the accused will stay in custody unless a Judge releases the accused on a personal recognizance bond.

If you post a cash bond, the court will keep that amount for whatever length of time it takes to complete the court proceedings. As long as the accused shows up for court, the bond amount will be returned unless the court applies it to outstanding costs and fines.

It is also possible to use a bondsman to post bail on the accused’s behalf. The bondsman will charge a percentage (usually 10-20%) of the bail amount for their fee in posting the bond. You will not receive this money back as you are paying him for his services. Usually, you will not owe the bondsman any more money as long as the accused shows up for court.

Legal Help to Secure Release

Experienced legal counsel can be of great help when securing release from jail. At the Hunsucker Legal Group, we can help our clients find reliable bail bondsmen, and at times can even petition the court to lower the bail amount.

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