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One of the most potentially devastating impacts a DUI can have on your life is the loss of your job. Many companies have a mandatory termination policy that applies to conviction of criminal charges, including DUI. Further, if your job directly involves driving—such as transporting people or goods, making off-site service calls, or operating a commercial vehicle—a DUI could spell the end of your career.

Even if your job does not directly involve driving, a DUI can still impact your employment status. For instance, if you drive a company car or if you frequently travel for business and have to rent vehicles while in remote areas, a DUI could cause your boss to reconsider the arrangement.

DUI Impact on Professional Licenses

Many jobs require a professional license that must be maintained in order to qualify for work. Examples include doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, and accountants. Most professional agencies that issue licenses have standards of conduct; any violation of the standard could lead to revocation of the license, leaving the individual ineligible for work in their respective field.

Other government-related positions sometimes require a security clearance. A DUI conviction could lead to loss of this clearance, which could then lead to termination from the position.

Indirect Effects of DUI on Employment

A DUI can impact your job in other ways, too. For example, if you are convicted and sentenced to serve jail time, you could miss a substantial amount of work, which could lead to termination. Likewise, spending excessive amounts of time away from work while performing mandatory community service could put your job in jeopardy. Additionally, if your license is suspended and you cannot find reliable transportation to and from your job, you may find yourself unemployed.

30-day Window to Save Your License

If you are arrested in Oklahoma for DUI, you have only 30 days from the time of the arrest to request an administrative license hearing. If the hearing is not requested within 30 days of your arrest, you will forfeit your chance to retain your driving privileges and your license will be automatically revoked on the 30th day.

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