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If you’re looking for a job, applying for a loan or even searching for a rental property, it is likely that you will be subject to a background check. Depending on the way a background check is conducted, if you have a DUI conviction on your record it may show up—and it could keep you from the job, loan or housing that you want or need.

Background Check Specifics

The information contained in a background check may include:

  • Employment history/verification
  • Credit history
  • Criminal history including arrests

Employers, lenders, colleges and universities and landlords have the right to refuse to hire, lend or admit someone who has a criminal conviction on his or her record, even if it’s just a single DUI. Some will take action solely based on a DUI arrest.

Cleaning Up Your Record

An Oklahoma DUI will stay on your record indefinitely. However, in some instances it may be possible to have a conviction expunged or erased, which would result in a clean background check.  Depending on the outcome of your DUI charge, the steps and timeframe necessary to expunge the arrest and conviction may vary.

Is Expungement Right For Me?

Contact the Hunsucker Legal Group today to schedule a free consultation. We can discuss your criminal history and explore whether or not expungement might be the best option for you.  Let us help you ensure that your past doesn’t affect your future.

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