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After examining the traffic stop, our DUI defense attorneys will examine the validity of the arrest. If the arresting officer did not have sufficient reason to believe that you were driving under the influence, then the arrest may have been unlawful, which would render the charges null and void.

In order to justify a DUI arrest, the officer must be able to articulate specific, objective reasons for believing that you were driving under the influence. Certain driving behaviors such as weaving or driving slower or faster than the posted speed limit, the smell of alcohol on your breath, and bloodshot eyes are all valid reasons the officer may cite in your DUI case. However, these factors all can be attributed to other causes as well.

Mistakes Officers Make During Traffic Stops

Your DUI defense attorney should examine every aspect of your case, including the events that lead directly to your arrest. Although police officers undergo extensive training before entering the force, they can—and often do—make mistakes when arresting a suspected drunk driver.

Police officers must adhere to extremely strict standards when stopping and arresting motorists.  The most common mistake that police officers make during a DUI arrest is simply misunderstanding the law. The attorneys at The Hunsucker Legal Group have had DUI cases dismissed entirely because an officer improperly stopped a suspected drunk driver and then arrested that person.

Other complications with arrests can arise if an officer makes an arrest outside of his or her jurisdiction. This is a common occurrence in areas where several municipalities are close together.

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