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Under Oklahoma law, a person’s drivers license may be suspended for various reasons, including a DUI arrest, implied consent violation or because of an accumulation of points resulting from moving violations.

Some people whose licenses have been suspended have no other means of transportation, but must still get to work, school or meet family obligations. It may be possible for these individuals to obtain a modified or hardship license.

Where Can I Drive?

A modified license does not automatically give you the ability to drive anywhere at any time. The Court has the ability to limit travel between your home and:

  • Your place of employment
  • A college, university or technology center at which you are enrolled
  • Your child’s school and/or daycare
  • Your place of worship
  • Any court-ordered treatment facility
  • Any other time or geographical limit the court wishes to impose.

Generally, we are able to obtain a 24- hour no geographical limitations modified license for our clients as long as there are not aggravating circumstances.

Can I Get a Modified Driver’s License?

It is important to understand that not everyone with a suspended license is eligible to obtain a modified license. The court will consider such things as the specifics of your case and the expressed need for a permit before deciding.

What About Company Vehicles?

If your license suspension is a first time suspension, it is possible to get a modified license to allow you to drive company owned vehicles without the interlock device on the company owned vehicle under certain conditions.  You nor your immediate family can own any part of the company and the employer must provide a notarized statement that they do not want the device on their car.  If granted, you would only be allowed to drive the vehicle during work hours while conducting work related business.  It is possible that the court may require you still put the device on your personal vehicle.

Individuals who obtain a modified license are also required to have an ignition interlock device installed on their vehicles. An IID will be installed and maintained at the driver’s expense. This interlock device is required even if your license suspension was the result of a DUI-Drugs arrest.

If you have been arrested for DUI, the best way to ensure you are able to drive is by being proactive about retaining your license. A modified license is a fall back position.  Our goal is to prevent the license suspension altogether.  Contact the team at the Hunsucker Legal Group for experienced help with your case today.

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