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If convicted of DUI in Oklahoma, you could face a number of penalties. In addition to facing mandatory DUI School, the possibility of an alcohol treatment program, community service, probation and even potential jail time, a DUI conviction will cost you money in fines. How much you will pay depends on the details of the case and any prior DUI charges on your record. Court costs for DUI cases are generally higher than other charges and can range in the $800-$1000 range.

These fines may also vary depending on the specific court in which your case is heard. If your case is sent to State Court (also called District Court), other statutory fees will be require, including the Victim Compensation Assessment (VCA). The VCA is assessed on every misdemeanor and felony crime in District Court and can range from $30 to $10,000.

Fines, VCA and other court costs generally range from $250 to $1,800 in municipal courts and $1,100 to $2,000 in District Courts.

Types of Fines

There are a few different categories of fines that you could face if convicted of DUI. First, you could face a criminal fine, which is mostly based on your past DUI record. If you have no previous DUI charges, you can expect to pay up to $1,000, depending on the court in which your case is filed. The fines increase dramatically if you have two or more previous DUI charges on your record.

Another type of fine associated with DUI is restitution. If your DUI involved an accident in which another person suffered injuries, you could be ordered to pay restitution to compensate the victim or victims. The court has the right to order restitution as part of your sentence in the criminal case.

Other DUI Costs

If convicted, a DUI can cost you additional money beyond the fines. Oftentimes, a judge will order you to attend DUI School or an alcohol education program at your own expense. ADSAC driving schools cost between $175 and $375 depending on the number of required hours. You will also be required to attend a Victim Impact Panel (VIP) that will cost approximately $50. You also may have to pay other court fees associated with the trial proceedings.

You also should be aware that the Department of Public Safety (DPS) may charge a fee for reinstating your license if you are not successful at your DPS administrative hearing.

Most courts now charge probation supervision and prosecution fees which can be an additional $40-$80 per month for a period of up to two years.

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