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Looking around the internet, it seems that almost every attorney practices DUI defense. But what really makes someone a DUI defense lawyer? At a minimum, one should be able to explain the current DUI laws as well as the current driver’s license ramifications in the state or states in which he or she practices.

A True DUI Defense Attorney Should:

  • Be a member of the National College for DUI Defense. Why is this important? NCDD is the leading organization that trains attorneys in the science and art of defending a DUI charge. NCDD holds several seminars per year including an annual Trial School each summer, which is held at Harvard Law School. NCDD has 2,200 members, most of whom participate in a list serve that allows fellow members the opportunity to keep up to date in the latest DUI attacks and defenses across the United States and Canada. This also provides instant access to many of the top experts in the fields of blood testing, breath testing, field sobriety testing and accident reconstruction.
  • Attend at least one national DUI training seminar every year, whether the Mastering Scientific Evidence seminar in New Orleans, the NCDD Summer or Winter session, or one of the small science seminars focusing on the science of blood testing or breath testing. These seminars are expensive, but understanding the science behind the processes is vital in being able to expertly defend a DUI charge. They are also a great way to stay up to date on the latest defenses and trends that will protect clients.
  • Be certified in field sobriety testing as well as breath testing. If a defense attorney does not understand how the tests are supposed to be administered, how can he or she properly cross-examine an officer who administered the test?
  • Fight for your right to drive. A true DUI lawyer will almost never advise you to take a license modification if you are still within your time frame to request a hearing (usually 30 days from arrest). Our firm has been instrumental in attacking the driver’s license revocation over the last several years, which has resulted in thousands of citizens getting their driving privileges back without any type of driving loss or restrictions. You hire an attorney to fight for you, not to process the paperwork to get an interlock on your car. That is the worst case if we aren’t able to prevent license suspension. A true DUI lawyer will always fight to prevent the suspension first. If a firm is really serious about this, they will have attorneys that specialize only in driver’s license cases.
  • Fully investigate your case, subpoena any and all videos, have trained DUI investigators visit the scene to gather evidence on your behalf and review that evidence before advising you the best way to resolve your case.
  • Have a staff that is DUI trained and dedicated to helping you. Staff members should be trained to know the DUI processes and procedures. This staff should include an investigator who can visit the scene as well as review evidence. The district attorney has police officers working for them to investigate—you should have the same.
  • Have at least one attorney on staff that is Board Certified in DUI Defense according to the American Bar Association standards for specialization. This is very difficult to obtain, and only 50 attorneys in the United States have been certified.
  • Teach DUI defense to other attorneys, publish articles and books on DUI defense and be active on the national level.

The attorneys of the Hunsucker Legal Group meet all of the above criteria.

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