Oklahoma DUI Case Results

Oklahoma DUI Case Results

Every year, the Hunsucker Legal Group defends hundreds of individuals accused of alcohol-related driving offenses, including DUI (driving under the influence), DWI (driving while impaired), APC (actual physical control), DUI manslaughter, DUI felony murder II, and child endangerment resulting from DUI. We also regularly represent clients at Department of Public Safety administrative license hearings.

Below are a few examples of prior case success stories:

  • A client was arrested for DUI after being pulled over by a City of the Village police officer for stopping beyond the stop line. It was shown that the traffic offense the officer witnessed to justify the stop occurred outside the officer's jurisdiction, and both the driver’s license and criminal cases were won.

  • A client was charged with failure to signal a right turn. After proving the client was in a right turn only lane and there was no surrounding traffic, which makes signaling unrequired, we won both the driver’s license and criminal cases.

  • A client was arrested for APC and was attempting to appeal their driver’s license revocation. We were able to show they had no intention of driving since he was waiting on an Uber and using a friend’s vehicle as shelter.

  • A client was attempting to appeal their driver’s license revocation. We showed the DPS attorney that the officer's failure to state where the affidavit was signed did not conform with the law and therefore it was not a proper sworn report.

  • We challenged and won several cases against DPS’ continued enforcement of the Erin Swezey Act, which led them to concede the issue before it was brought to the Supreme Court.

  • A woman found asleep in the front seat of her car at Lake Hefner, with the keys in the passenger seat next to an open bottle of Wild Turkey, was charged with actual physical control. The jury took just 13 minutes to return a not-guilty verdict, and the client kept her driver’s license.

  • A man arrested for DUI and eluding in Bethany, OK had his case dismissed after a motion hearing for an illegal arrest. The license suspension was overturned after an appeal, meaning the client kept his driver’s license; no other court costs or fees were incurred, and the client did not pay anything out-of-pocket except the attorney retainer.

  • A man arrested for DUI at a sobriety checkpoint in Stroud, OK retained his license after it was shown at the DPS hearing that the roadblock was conducted illegally. After reading the DPS hearing transcript, the Assistant District Attorney dismissed the DUI charge, and the client paid nothing except the attorney retainer.

  • A man charged with his third DUI avoided a three-year license revocation after we successfully argued for suppression of the breath and blood test. Although the state initially refused to offer a reduction to a non-DUI charge, it eventually conceded and offered the reduction.

  • A man was charged with DUI after admitting to drinking beer; we were able to show that the client was actually innocent of the charge, based on his driving pattern and disabilities. The prosecution dismissed the charge and the client retained his driver’s license.

  • A woman who worked in retail was charged with DUI in Oklahoma City around Christmas. After convincing the city that the client probably passed the field sobriety tests and that she was tired from all the overtime hours she had worked leading up to the holiday, the charge was dismissed.

If you have been charged with DUI in Oklahoma, contact the Hunsucker Legal Group for a free initial consultation at 405-231-5600.

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