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Operating a vehicle while under the influence of substances that cause intoxication is illegal. Those substances include alcohol, illegal drugs, and certain legal, prescription drugs. Operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol is illegal if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08 percent or higher.

Oklahoma law outlines a number of different charges for operating a vehicle while under the influence, including driving under the influence (DUI), driving while impaired (DWI), actual physical control (APC), driving under the influence with a child in the vehicle, and manslaughter. Each charge is slightly different. If you’ve previously been arrested for DUI, the penalties associated with your charge could change.

Is a Third-Offense DUI a Felony or Misdemeanor in Oklahoma?
Yes, a third-offense DUI is typically a felony in Oklahoma, unless your previous two offenses were more than ten years ago.

What Is the Potential Jail Time for a Third-Offense DUI in Oklahoma?
Third-offense DUIs in Oklahoma carry a jail sentence from one to ten years.

What Are the Potential Fines for a Third-Offense DUI in Oklahoma?
Third-offense DUIs in Oklahoma carry fines up to $5,000.

What Is the License Suspension Period for a Third-Offense DUI in Oklahoma?
The maximum license suspension for a third-offense DUI is three years unless you contest the suspension or enroll in the Impaired Driver Accountability Program (IDAP).

Contesting a Third-Offense DUI License Suspension
While you await trial, you can contest your suspension or apply for the IDAP programif you need to use your vehicle to get to work or for other necessary reasons. In the IDAP program, you’ll be required to install an ignition interlock device.

Law enforcement should have given you a “notice of revocation,” stating that your license will be suspended. They also should have given you a document that explains your right to appeal the suspension or apply for the IDAP.

There are a number of advantages to contesting your license. First, your lawyer gets to hear the state’s arguments against you – important information for your later trial. Second, you stand to keep your license without installing an ignition interlock device.

Do You Have to Attend DUI School for a Third-Offense DUI in Oklahoma?
You will likely have to attend DUI school for a third-offense DUI in Oklahoma.

Do You Have to Attend a Victim Impact Panel for a Third-Offense DUI in Oklahoma?
You will typically have to attend a Victim Impact Panel for a third-offense DUI in Oklahoma.

Do You Have to Get an Ignition Interlock Device Installed for a Third-Offense DUI in Oklahoma?
An ignition interlock device will be required once your license is restored. The length of time you’ll be required to use the ignition interlock device depends on if your case is a criminal trial or if it’s through the Department of Public Safety (DPS). If it’s criminal, the length of time will be negotiated. If it’s through DPS, the length of time is a standard three years.

HowAre Third-Offense DUIs Treated if the BAC is Above0.15?
When your BAC is higher than 0.15, your charges change from non-aggravated DUI to aggravated DUI. Penalties for aggravated DUI are more severe.

Can You Explain the Difference Between aMunicipality Charge and a State Charge?
In Oklahoma, the City of Oklahoma City and the City of Fulton are considered independent municipalities. They have their own city regulations, different from state regulations. That means the punishments and procedures for DUI charges can be different from state laws.

Can a Third-Offense DUI Be Expunged in Oklahoma?
It is possible, but each case is different. Getting your DUI expunged will depend on the specifics of your case.

Third-Offense DUI Defense Strategies
A third-offense DUI can be life-changing. You’re probably concerned about jail time and having to pay steep fines. Even if things seem hopeless, we can fight to get your charges reduced or dismissed. With a strong attorney representing you, you’ll have a better chance of achieving a favorable outcome.

At the Hunsucker Legal Group, we specialize in DUI cases, and we have a history of winning cases that seem hopeless or unwinnable. Using that experience, we help our clientsregain their lives.

Contact us today if you’re facing charges for a third-offense DUI.

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