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Question: Will I lose my license after being arrested for or convicted of a DUI involving drugs in Oklahoma?

Answer: Well, you won’t lose it for being arrested because that’s not what actually makes the action take place. A conviction, however, in the criminal case would result in the revocation of the person’s license for a DUI. The length of time would depend upon whether they have any prior revocations. But yes, a conviction for DUI involving drugs would result in a revocation. However, the department of public safety can take a person’s license in one of two ways: either through the administrative process or through the criminal system. Your question dealt with a conviction out of the criminal court system, but I wanted to also address the administrative side as well. DUI involving drugs on the administrative side, DPS under the current state of the law, actually doesn’t take any action; they only do if it comes back positive for alcohol. But if they get like a blood test back that is positive for any type of drugs, DPS administratively will not take any action against the license. They only will if they receive an abstract of conviction out of the criminal court case.

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