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Summary For In-Person Visits

In-Person Consultations Our staff is meticulously following the guidelines from the CDC for each client visit which includes:

- Consistent hand washing and sanitizing by employees and clients.

- A thorough cleaning after each person visits the office.

- Keeping doors open with constant air flowing 

- Disinfecting of any surface that our staff or potential clients come into direct contact with. This includes inside and outside surfaces and doorknobs.

- Limiting physical exposure by 6 feet with any employee or client.

If you’ve been arrested and need legal advice, there are ways to reach us without meeting in person The attorneys at the Hunsucker Legal Group are on-call to assist our clients especially during this stressful time.   Although it would be wonderful to meet in person, we understand that sometimes an in-person consultation may not be a viable option.

Video Conferencing

The attorneys at the Hunsucker Legal Group can be reached via FaceTime, Skype, and any other video conferencing solution that’s convenient for our clients. These solutions help our clients:

  • Save money – No need to pay for gas or parking
  • Save time – Don’t worry about traveling to our office
  • Be flexible – We can fit these calls into your daily routine

Protecting Your Privacy

Video conferencing calls are never recorded, and anything you say will be kept confidential.

Connecting Comfortably

Discussing charges against you can be difficult and sharing those stories with someone you don’t know can feel uncomfortable. Over a video conference, you can be comfortable in your own home while to discuss your case with us.

Make the Best Decision

Through video conferencing, you can meet your attorney face-to-face in a low-pressure environment – you don’t actually have to be there in person. Hearing the sincerity in their voice and seeing compassion on their face makes it much easier to know that they care. That way you can make the best possible decision regarding your representation.

There is Hope and Options for Your Case

Being accused of a crime can be traumatic, but don’t lose hope. The attorneys at the Hunsucker Legal Group look forward to the challenge of taking on seemingly unwinnable cases and achieving the best possible outcome. Complete the form below to schedule a confidential, no-obligation video conference call with one of our attorneys.

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