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Question: Exactly how long is the license suspension or revocation period following a first-offense DUI in Oklahoma?

Answer: I’m glad you used the word suspension or revocation, because what we’re talking about with DUI is actually a revocation of the license, where they’re actually revoked for a set time period, versus a suspension where they’re suspended until they fix whatever the problem is that put them under suspension. So here we’re dealing with a revocation of the license. For a first-offense DUI in Oklahoma, it really kind of depends on what the person did in regards to whether they took the test or refused to take the test for first offense.

Typically, a first-offense revocation in Oklahoma is for a period of 180 days—essentially six months. However, if that individual took the state’s test, whether that be a breath test or a blood test, and they tested .15 or higher, or if that individual refuse to take the state’s test, then that individual, once they reinstate their license at the end of that six-month period, will be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on their vehicle for an additional 18 months, under a law passed back in 2011 called the Erin Swezey Act.

So it’s kind of an additional requirement under the law for those individuals that either refused to take the test or have such a high blood alcohol level, that the state has put that extra burden on those individuals.

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