Common Drunk Driving Misconceptions in Oklahoma

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Question: What are some common misconceptions about drunk driving in Oklahoma?

Answer: I think the public, via the media and politicians, they try to I guess say all drunk driving, just having one drink means that you’re intoxicated. In Oklahoma, the SFSTs, which are the sobriety testing, for some reason are not considered scientific, even though in other jurisdictions, those tests are scientific enough to determine whether somebody is impaired or intoxicated. Just because you have a beer and drive, that’s not drunk driving. You still have to prove that there’s impairment or that they’re under the influence. But for some law enforcement agencies, from experience, simply having the smell of alcohol or saying that you had a drink is going to be enough for drunk driving and again, you can drink and then drive, you just can’t be under the influence. And that’s something that has to be proven.

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