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Question: What happens if I am caught driving with a revoked license following a DUI in Oklahoma?

Answer: Couple of different things. Let’s say you’ve got an individual that’s not on a modification, that they’re just sitting out the revocation and they’re not supposed to be driving but they do anyway and they get caught driving while they’re under revocation, then that individual could have an additional four months added on for each time that they’re caught, in addition to any criminal charges that may be filed against them for driving under a revocation.

Now let’s say we’ve got somebody that’s on a modified license where they’re required to have an ignition interlock device installed on their vehicle and they don’t have one installed, or let’s say they’re borrowing a friend’s car, they don’t have an ignition interlock device installed and they get pulled over and they’re supposed to have one; the Department of Public Safety could actually seek to have that modification taken away, to where the person would go into a full revocation status of not being able to drive at all for the remainder of the revocation period. And so, you’re kind of going back to your previous question of what was it for a first time offense, kind of add on—it gets worse as we go along.

If you had somebody that has a second offense in the state of Oklahoma within a 10-year period, it’s a one-year revocation followed by that four years of Erin Swezey, and then for a third offense within 10 years, it’s a three-year revocation with an additional five years of interlock on the backside. So you can see, if you have somebody that gets caught when they’re on a modification for let’s say a three year, and they’re violating their modification, then they have to sit out the rest of that three years without being able to drive. So, it just gets worse.

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