Arrested for Driving Under The Influence of Drugs in Oklahoma

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Question: Can I be arrested for driving under the influence of drugs in Oklahoma?

Answer: You can be arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or prescription drugs. Police are supposed to get a DRE, which is a drug recognition expert, to either come to the scene or meet them at the breath room or blood testing room to conduct additional tests to specifically try to determine whether someone’s under the influence of a specific drug. However, again, in Oklahoma, rarely is that actually done, and you don’t see a whole bunch of DREs in Oklahoma. And I wish judges would actually go to some kind of, I guess DUI presentation or seminar and learn that, you know, these officers actually have to be trained to determine impairment through drugs—they can’t just have someone who’s not trained say, “Oh you know, I found some kind of drug in the car, they must be under the influence of it.” That’s just not enough, and to me that’s not actually serving justice.

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