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Taxpayers to foot the bill for “affluenza” teen’s treatment  2014-04-14
DALLAS – A teenager who was convicted of killing four people and severely injuring two others while drunk driving is...
Oklahoma Co. Deputies Arrest 22 During DUI Crackdown  2014-04-14
Oklahoma County Sheriff's deputies made 22 arrests during a special DUI enforcement over the weekend.
#BUSTED: Your mug could show up on Twitter  2014-04-13
OKLAHOMA – Oklahoma County Sheriffs set up DUI checkpoints Saturday evening and live Tweeted the whole time. Their feed included...
Driver Arrested After Taking Out Tulsa Fire Hydrant  2014-04-13
An out-of-control car ripped a Tulsa fire hydrant completely out of the ground early Sunday.
Police Reports  2014-04-11
April 11, 2014
OHP: DUI checkpoint successful, despite rain  2014-04-11
An NPR broadcast examines the question of how communities can better prepare for tornadoes like the one that struck Moore, Okla. on Monday. The broadcast features commentary from Michael Fitzgerald, who reported a five-part disaster series for the CNHI News Service.
Police use graphic demonstration to discourage teen drinking and driving  2014-04-10
POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, Okla — It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, a late night visit from a police officer, letting you know...
Five Kids Found In Car After DUI Stop In Del City  2014-04-09
A mother is facing a multitude of charges, including five counts of child endangerment, after a traffic stop in Del City, in late March.
Raptors' Valanciunas charged with DUI  2014-04-08
Toronto Raptors center Jonas Valanciunas has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, the team confirmed Monday.
Green Country Teens Gather To Fight Drunk Driving  2014-04-07
A town hall meeting was held on Monday, with the focus of curbing underage drinking. But it wasn't all police officers and parents doing the talking, it also involved teenagers themselves.
No serious injuries after 2 unrelated rollovers  2014-04-06
One man is in custody after Tulsa police respond to two rollover accidents early Sunday.
Suspected drunk driver topples light pole  2014-04-05
Police arrested a suspected drunk driver after he took a turn too fast and lost control of his pickup and collided into a light pole.
Tulsa Woman Hit By Driver With History Of No Insurance  2014-04-01
A Tulsa woman is at her wit's end after being hit by a driver who has a suspended license and no insurance. Now, the victim has a car that won't run and growing medical bills.
Public Records and Arrests  2014-04-01
April 1, 2014
911 calls warned of reckless driver minutes before fatal accident  2014-03-31
Police say a woman is charged with DUI, reckless driving and two counts of manslaughter in connection with a Friday car accident.
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 DUI Questions
 · What is the difference between DPS License Hearing and Criminal Case?
 · What if I have a Commerical Drivers License ( CDL )?
 · What if I have a Pilot's License and I get a DUI?
 · What are the criminal penalties of a DUI in Oklahoma? 
 · What will happen to my Oklahoma Driver's License if I am arrested for a DUI?
 · Will I go to jail for getting a DUI in Oklahoma?
 · Are Field Sobriety Tests very accurate?
 · How Accurate is the Breath Test?
 · How is the Breath Testing Done?
 · Can anything affect my performance on the Field Sobriety Tests?

More FAQS on DUI

 Field Sobriety Tests - Do you have to submit to these tests?
Every single DUI case is different, but as a general rule, it is almost always better to take the test in Oklahoma. However, if you have several convictions for DUI and fail time is more of the concern versus saving your Oklahoma driver's license, then you should not take the test unless you think you will pass it.

· To Take the Test or not, that is the question?
· What are Field Sobriety Tests?
· Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN)
· Walk & Turn
· One Leg Stand
· Counting Backwards (not a validated test)
· Alphabet (not a validated test)
· Finger Count (not a validated test)
· Stationary Balance (i.e. Rhomberg) (not a validated test)
· Field Test Realities







































New DUI Laws
Effective Nov 1, 2011

If you refused to take the breath or blood test or the result was a .15 or higher BAC, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device on your car for two years. If you have prior license revocations, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle for up to 8 years. Contact our office at 405-231-5600 now to see if these new laws apply to you. Remember, we must take action within 15 days of your arrest to prevent license suspension.

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