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OKC Police: Teen Girl Calls 911 To Report Mom Driving Under Influence  2015-01-22
A woman was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs after police said her teenage daughter, who was a passenger in the car, called 911 to report the incident.
Glenpool Offers Amnesty For Unpaid Tickets, Fines  2015-01-21
More than a million dollars in unpaid tickets and fines is standing between a Green Country police department and the new patrol cars and radio system it needs.
Alcohol to blame for accident, OHP troopers say  2015-01-20
Authorities are attributing a single-vehicle accident Saturday to alcohol.
Man given an unusual ticket after leaving McDonald’s drive-thru  2015-01-19
COBB COUNTY, Ga. – It’s something thousands of people do every day around the country. However, a man from Alabama says taking a bite out of a burger is what got him in trouble with the law. Madison Turner says he stopped by a McDonald’s drive-thru on the way to a friend’s house. He ordered […]
OKC Woman Keeps Erratic Suspect From Getting Away  2015-01-16
An Oklahoma City woman sprawled onto the hood of a car to keep an out-of-control suspect from getting away Thursday.
Police: FedEx driver cornered; woman comes to rescue  2015-01-16
Oklahoma City police arrested a man Thursday night after they say he cornered a FedEx driver and assaulted multiple people.
Oklahoma City man accused of assaulting police, harassing FedEx driver  2015-01-16
An Oklahoma City man is arrested following an unusual assault Thursday night. Police say the suspect had been harassing a local FedEx driver in the neighborhood near NW 31st and Penn. The suspect allegedly parked his car behind the FedEx truck, preventing the delivery driver from leaving the dead end street. “He was like ‘What’s […]
Woman jailed on DUI complaint after Tulsa police car rear-ends SUV  2015-01-14
A police officer was driving north on Sheridan Road with the cruiser's lights and sirens activated when she crested a hill near Ninth Street and saw a Ford Explorer ahead of her in the northbound lane
Authorities Send Out Warning Following Lake Overholser Rescue & Arrest  2015-01-13
Oklahoma City emergency responders said frigid temperatures recently do not make it okay for folks to venture out onto area ponds and lakes.
Woman jailed on DUI complaint after police cruiser rear ends her SUV, arrest report says  2015-01-13
The woman behind the wheel of an SUV on Monday night that was rear-ended by a police cruiser was arrested in connection with DUI, according to Tulsa Jail records.
Man drives car on Lake Overholser ice; arrested on DUI complaint after rescue  2015-01-13
The man stayed in the car and was rescued by firefighters who walked across about a foot of ice.
Tulsa Woman Arrested For DUI After Wreck With Police Car  2015-01-13
Tulsa police arrested a woman they say hit a police vehicle across the street from a bar where she'd been drinking.
Driver Arrested For DUI After Becoming Trapped On Ice At Lake Overholser  2015-01-13
Emergency crews responded to the report of a car stuck on the ice about 200 feet from the Lake Overholser shore Monday night.
Driver Rescued, Arrested For DUI After Becoming Trapped On Ice At Lake Overholser  2015-01-12
Emergency crews responded to the report of a car stuck on the ice about 200 feet from the Lake Overholser shore Monday night.
Metro Man Arrested For DUI With Infant In The Car  2015-01-12
A metro man was arrested Friday after police found him slumped over in his car with an infant in the back seat.
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 DUI Questions
 · What is the difference between DPS License Hearing and Criminal Case?
 · What if I have a Commerical Drivers License ( CDL )?
 · What if I have a Pilot's License and I get a DUI?
 · What are the criminal penalties of a DUI in Oklahoma? 
 · What will happen to my Oklahoma Driver's License if I am arrested for a DUI?
 · Will I go to jail for getting a DUI in Oklahoma?
 · Are Field Sobriety Tests very accurate?
 · How Accurate is the Breath Test?
 · How is the Breath Testing Done?
 · Can anything affect my performance on the Field Sobriety Tests?

More FAQS on DUI

 Field Sobriety Tests - Do you have to submit to these tests?
Every single DUI case is different, but as a general rule, it is almost always better to take the test in Oklahoma. However, if you have several convictions for DUI and fail time is more of the concern versus saving your Oklahoma driver's license, then you should not take the test unless you think you will pass it.

· To Take the Test or not, that is the question?
· What are Field Sobriety Tests?
· Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN)
· Walk & Turn
· One Leg Stand
· Counting Backwards (not a validated test)
· Alphabet (not a validated test)
· Finger Count (not a validated test)
· Stationary Balance (i.e. Rhomberg) (not a validated test)
· Field Test Realities







































New DUI Laws
Effective Nov 1, 2011

If you refused to take the breath or blood test or the result was a .15 or higher BAC, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device on your car for two years. If you have prior license revocations, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle for up to 8 years. Contact our office at 405-231-5600 now to see if these new laws apply to you. Remember, we must take action within 15 days of your arrest to prevent license suspension.

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